I am a documentary film director. Subjects of my films have included love, sex, 9/11, indigenous fisheries, hurricanes, refugees, HIV/AIDS orphans, and visualization of God. I am best known for the Real People, Real Life, Real Sex series of documentaries that simultaneously explore the vital role of sexual pleasure in committed relationships and the problematic place of explicit sexuality in cinema. This is my "Safe" blog.

Announcing the BRETT AND MELANIE/NYC LGBT Screening Poster Design Contest!

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As previously mentioned, we’re going to be having the world premiere of BRETT AND MELANIE: BOI MEETS GIRL on January 21, 2011 at The Center, the NYC LGBT Community Center, with proceeds from the screening going to support The Center and all the great work they do.

The seventh in the ongoing Real People, Real Life, Real Sex documentary series, Brett and Melanie: Boi Meets Girl is an exploration of sexual pleasure in committed relationships and the problematic place of explicit sexuality in cinema. ”Brett and Melanie” depicts a butch/femme couple, and opens up questions about strength and vulnerability in the context of how we portray and interpret gender. Throughout Brett and Melanie’s interview, there is a constant dance of who is strong for whom, of who is vulnerable and who nurtures; and this dance continues when Brett and Melanie make love.

By including frank footage of Brett and Melanie’s lovemaking along with their candid testimony, the film also opens up questions about the meaning of reality in the context of documentary filmmaking, and explodes preconceptions about the place of sexuality and eroticism in cinema

In support of the screening we’ll be doing a poster and palm-card campaign throughout New York City, and that’s where you (my young, hungry, talented designer friend) come in! Help us get the word out about the screening and we’ll help you get the word out about your fabulous design talent!


Design for an 11″x17″ CMYK Poster to go up in all the best places around New York City
Rework of the above for a 4″x6″ palm-card
The design should incorporate the phrase “Love, uncensored”


The poster should include all pertinent date/time/venue information and include a sponsorship bar


Complete creative freedom in the design of the poster/palm card!
Your name/logo/credit in the sponsor bar on both poster and palm-card!
Access to Comstock Films design resources!
5,000 palm-cards and posters of your work distributed throughout New York City!

A complete set of Comstock Films DVDs!


100% of every ticket sold! In 2009 the screening of ASHLEY AND KISHA raised well over $2000 for The Center. With your help this year we’ll do ever better!


Please e-mail us a print-ready file per PSPrint requirements
(tony at comstockfilms dot com)


Submit your design by December 21, 2010
Selected submissions will be posted at ComstockFilms.com and TonyComstock.com
The winner will be announced in early January!

If you have any other design related questions, please feel free to write peggy at comstockfilms dot com

We’re looking forward to seeing what you’ve got!

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