I am a documentary film director. Subjects of my films have included love, sex, 9/11, indigenous fisheries, hurricanes, refugees, HIV/AIDS orphans, and visualization of God. I am best known for the Real People, Real Life, Real Sex series of documentaries that simultaneously explore the vital role of sexual pleasure in committed relationships and the problematic place of explicit sexuality in cinema. This is my "Safe" blog.

My name is Tony Comstock, and I am documentary filmmaker. I’ve made films covering a variety of subjects, but I’m best known for the Real People, Real Life, Rex Sex series; and since 2005 I had been blogging about my work and related thoughts at The Art & Business of Making Erotic Films.

Then one day I woke up and realized the internet had changed. Friends were blocked from reading my blog at work, media outlets wouldn’t link to my website, and Google wouldn’t return my blog posts, even on unique, exact page-title match search strings.

At first I was upset. For about three years.

Then one day I picked myself up, brushed myself off, and started the Kōan of Silence.

My hope is that the Kōan of Silence will be my “Safe For Work” home on the internet, but in only a few months, I’ve already had a couple of reports that Kōan of Silence is on various content filtering lists. My guess (fear) is that the name “Tony Comstock” is internet poison, but who really knows how these things work.

So thanks for stopping by. Thanks especially for reading this page. Enjoy it will it lasts!

Tony Comstock
September 9, 2010