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National Coalition Against Censorship panel following the screening of DESTRICTED

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On September 23rd the National Coalition Against Censorship held a screening of DESTRICTED and I was invited to sit on a post-screening panel about art and censorship along Amy Adler, Marilyn Minter, Neville Wakefield, & Andrew Hale; and hosted by Svetlana Mintcheva.

As much as anything else, the reason I was invited to speak on the panel is because the same night that DESTRICTED played at the Australian Center for the Moving image (with the de rigueur academic panel discussing line between art and pornography) police were dispatched to the Melbourne Underground Film Festival to stop the world premiere of my film ASHLEY AND KISHA: FINDING THE RIGHT FIT. (ASHLEY AND KISHA went on to win Best Foreign Film and Best Foreign Director.)

I’ll probably have more to say about the experience at a later date, but for now here’s the panel, presented as series of YouTube clips arranged into a playlist. If these sorts of ideas — art, censorship, who is allowed to be heard, and what they’re allowed to say — are important to you, I think you’ll enjoy watching the panel!

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